Tony Oxendine


Jörg Biewald


Thorsten Geppert


Hans Kabierske


08. - 10. Oktober 2021


Myth - Fun - Cult - Friends

The Pader Jumpers SDC e.V. cordially invite you to the Pader Rodeo, the hottest Square Dance Ticket in Europe...

This year Tony Oxendine, Jörg Biewald and Thorsten Geppert will rock the Eggelandhalle. And everyone who has been before knows what we are talking about.

Strictly Mainstream, everyone dances with everyone... and that is the way it should be!


Pader Rodeo 2021-canceled

Dear friends of the Pader Rodeo,

who would have thought this - we are still in the pandemic.

Even if the current numbers are significantly better than months ago, we still have great concerns about the autumn with cooler temperatures and who knows how many new variants.

So at the last board meeting we decided with a heavy heart to also cancel the Pader Rodeo 2021.

This time, however, we will not carry over the paid amounts to 2022. We will transfer these amounts back to you unsolicited in the next few weeks and months. If your account details have changed, we ask for your sending your new IBAN. This is a Herculean task for our treasurer, we thank you for your patience.

If a rodeo can take place in 2022, we will, as always, inform you about the registration date.

The Pader-Jumpers wish you all a nice summer. That it can start again soon in the clubs with Dosido - and above all: Please stay healthy and cheerful!

Best regards
Your Pader-Jumpers

Pader Rodeo - Myth - Fun - Cult Friends

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